1 die & 55 Coronavirus patients recover & 151 new Cases in Kuwait on 23-April-2020

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55 Coronavirus patients recover

Curfew time during Ramadan 4pm to 8am
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Coronavirus patients

Kuwait Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced on Thursday that 55 patients recovered from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) bringing the total number to 498

Kuwait MOH Confirms 151 new cases of #Coronavirus #Covid19 & 1 new death, raising the total number of cases to 2399 

New death cases:
1 Case of a Citizen (41yrs)

12 Cases related to travel :

9 Cases of Citizens related to travel to the United Kingdom.
1 Case of a Citizen related to travel to U.A.E.
1 Case of a Citizen related to travel to Turkey.
1 Case of a Citizen related to travel to Egypt.

132 Cases in contact:

5 Cases of Citizens.
60 Cases of Indian residents.
25 Cases of Bangladeshi residents.
13 Cases of Egyptian residents.
11 Cases of Iranian residents.
3 Cases of Lebanese residents.
2 Cases of Jordanian residents,
2 Cases of Sri Lankan residents
2 Cases of Pakistani residents
2 Cases of Filipino residents
2 Cases of Nepali residents
2 Cases of Stateless “Bedoon” residents
1 Case of Uzbek resident.
1 Case of Afghanian resident.
1 Case of Syrian resident.

7 Cases Under Investigation:

2 Cases of Citizens.
2 Case of Egyptian residents.
1 Case of Stateless “Bedoon” resident.
1 Case of Indian resident.
1 Case of Bangladeshi resident.

Coronavirus patients

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Kuwait Announces Friday April 24th-April-2020 first day of Ramadan.

مبارك عليكم الشهر وعساكم من عواده 🇰🇼🌙

Coronavirus patients

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