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June 4, KUWAIT (KUNA) — A total of 562 persons tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Kuwait in the past 24 hours, the health ministry spokesman Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad announced on Thursday.
The latest count of infections with the contagious disease showed downward tilting of the coronavirus cases’ curve that has recently exceeded the 1,000 cases’ threshold. (more)

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MOH Confirms 562 new cases of #Coronavirus #Covid19 & 6 new deaths in the last 24 hours. #الكويت

0 Cases related to travel

6 New death cases (Total 236)

1,473 New recovery cases (Total 17,223)

12,462 Active cases ( ICU 184 )

29,921 ( Total number of cases registered )

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June 4, Cases In contact:

177 Cases of Citizens
99 Cases of Indian residents
86 Cases of Bangladeshi residents
84 Cases of Egyptian residents
Other nationalities


Ahmadi 200 Cases
Farwaniya 148 Cases
Jahra 105 Cases
Hawally 54 Cases
Capital 55 Cases

Highest residential areas :

Farwaniya 36 Cases
Mahboula 32 Cases
Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh 30 Cases
Khaitan 28 Cases
Mangaf 26 Cases
Abdali 23 Cases

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1,473 coronavirus patients cured — Kuwait health ministry

KUWAIT, June 4 (KUNA) — The Ministry of Health said on Thursday 1,473 coronavirus patients recovered raising total number of persons who became cured of the contagious disease to 17,223.
The ministry said in a statement to KUNA that laboratory analyes and tests showed that these patients were healed of the infection, adding that they would be shifted to the rehabilitation ward at hospital specialized for treating coronavirus cases, pending discharge in two days. (end)

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