Kuwait Announce reopening some cars businesses with Unbelievable achievement of 206 Coronavirus patients recover

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Coronavirus Unbelievable Achievements by govt of kuwait
206 patients recover in Kuwait

Coronavirus Kuwait Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced on Monday that 206 patients recovered from the Coronavirus (Covid19) bringing the total number to 1012

Coronavirus  Kuwait Unbelievable

213 new coronavirus infection cases raise total to 3,288
2 deaths

Kuwait MOH Confirms 213 new cases of Coronavirus Covid19 in the last 24 hours & 2 new death, raising the total number of cases to 3288

2 New death cases:

1 Case of a Citizen. (53yrs)
1 Case of Indian resident. (54yrs)

31 Cases related to travel:

24 Cases of Citizens related to travel to the UK.
4 Cases of Citizens related to travel to Germany.
1 Case of a Citizen related to travel to Qatar
1 Case of Citizen resident related to travel to the USA
1 Case of Citizen resident related to travel to Saudi Arabia

177 Cases in contact:

38 Cases of Citizens.
61 Cases of Indian residents.
26 Cases of Egyptian residents.
13 Cases of Bangladeshi residents.
5 Cases of Pakistani residents.
4 Case of Syrian residents.
4 Cases of Filipino residents.
4 Case of Iranian residents.
4 Case of Sri Lankan residents.
3 Cases of Jordanian residents.
3 Cases of Lebanese residents.
2 Cases of Yemeni residents.
2 Case of Nepali resident.
2 Case of Stateless “Bedoon” residents.
1 Case of Saudi resident.
1 Case of Canadian resident.
1 Case of Armenian resident.
1 Case of Turkish resident.
1 Case of Nigerian resident.
1 Case of Indonesian resident.

5 Cases Under Investigation:

5 Cases of Citizens.

Coronavirus  Kuwait Unbelievable

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced 213 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total of infections to 3,288, while two deaths were reported as well, bringing the total fatalities up to 22.

During a daily briefing, Health Ministry spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that 64 patients were in intensive care, 30 of them are in critical condition. Those currently receiving treatment at hospitals reached 2,254 patients said the spokesperson.

Today’s death cases were for a 53-year-old Kuwaiti male and a 54-year-old Indian male; both had been receiving treatment at ICU for more than two weeks. Earlier today, Health Minister Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced the recovery of patients 206, bringing the total to 1,012 recoveries.

Coronavirus  Kuwait Unbelievable

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World Map with Corona Virus


Kuwait Cabinet advises reopening some car businesses

Coronavirus  Kuwait Unbelievable

The Kuwaiti Cabinet held an extraordinary session at Seif Palace on Monday 27-April-2020 under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah during which the ministers approved reopening some cars businesses.

Following the session, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh said it kicked off with His Highness the Prime Minister extending congratulations to His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Crown Prince and the gracious people of Kuwait on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

Minister of Health and head of the team tasked with following up on spread of the novel coronavirus, Sheikh Dr. Basel Humoud Al-Sabah, briefed the ministers about latest developments related to spread of the virus globally, based on data and statistics of the World Health Organization. He also informed his peers about tallies of the infections and deaths in Kuwait, where it has been observed that tracing and mingling cases have increased.

The ministers followed up on developments with respect of treatment, prevention and logistics related to the virus, examining recommendations by the ministerial panel tasked with following up on the contagion.

The cabinet decided to task Kuwait Municipality to allow some resume some activities related to repair of cars and trade in auto spare parts, according to terms to be specified by the municipality, advised the ministries of health, information, municipality, Public Authority for Industry, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries, Environment Public Authority, Public Authority for Food and Nutrition to have personnel present 24 hours at border exits to speed up entry of imported commodities.

Moreover, the cabinet tasked Ministry of Finance to secure a sufficient number of quarantines, some 3,000, to accommodate citizens coming back from abroad as part of the evacuation operation, in addition to specializing some hotels for medical purposes.

In response to His Highness the Amir desire not to neglect economic fallouts and negative effects resulting from the fight against the coronavirus and for sake tapering burdens on the citizens, the ministers discussed a request by the ministry of finance to examine delay of monthly installments for clients of the fund of defaulting citizens and the family fund due to extraordinary circumstances resulting from the coronavirus spread.

In this regard, the cabinet decided to postpone collection of monthly dues for clients of the two funds for six months as of April, also tasking the minister of finance to coordinate with the legislations department to draw up a relevant bill.

The cabinet welcomed the declaration by the coalition for supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, renewing a call for full ceasefire for a month as of April 23, in line with a call in this respect by the United nations

Coronavirus  Kuwait Unbelievable

الكويت ابرز قرارات مجلس الوزراء

= تكليف بلدية الكويت بالسماح لبعض الأنشطة الخاصة بتصليح وصيانة وبيع قطع غيار السيارات بإعادة مزاولة عملها وذلك وفقا للضوابط التي تحددها.

= تكليف كل من (وزارة الصحة – وزارة الإعلام – بلدية الكويت – الهيئة العامة للصناعة – الهيئة العامة لشؤون الزراعة والثروة السمكية – الهيئة العامة للبيئة – الهيئة العامة للغذاء والتغذية) بالتواجد على مدار (24) ساعة في كافة منافذ الدخول في البلاد من أجل الإسراع في عملية الإفراج الجمركي عن السلع المستوردة.

= تكليف وزارة المالية بتوفير العدد المناسب من المحاجر المؤسسية في حدود (3000) غرفة لاستيعاب ما تبقى من المواطنين المتوقع عودتهم ضمن خطة الإجلاء والمقرر لهم حجز مؤسسي بالإضافة إلى تخصيص بعض الفنادق لوزارة الصحة لاستخدامها لأغراض طبية.

= ناقش مجلس الوزراء طلب وزارة المالية النظر في إمكانية تأجيل تحصيل الأقساط الشهرية المستحقة على عملاء صندوق معالجة أوضاع المواطنين المتعثرين وصندوق الأسرة نظرا للظروف الاستثنائية التي تمر بها البلاد وأسوة بالإجراء الذي قام به اتحاد المصارف للقروض الاستهلاكية قرر مجلس الوزراء الموافقة على تأجيل تحصيل الأقساط الشهرية المستحقة على عملاء الصندوقين لمدة ستة أشهر ابتداء من شهر إبريل 2020 وتكليف وزير المالية بالتنسيق مع إدارة الفتوى والتشريع لإعداد مشروع القانون اللازم بهذا الشأن.

Coronavirus  Kuwait Unbelievable

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