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KUWAIT, May 30 (KUNA) — The Ministry of Health announced Saturday 1,008 new infections of the coronavirus (COVID-19), raising the total to 26,192. Deaths reached 205 with the addition to 11 fatalities 
Official spokesperson of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said in a statement to KUNA that all these patients had contracted the germ from infected persons and others suspected of being contaminated with the pathogen.
The 1,008 infection cases includes 287 citizens, 229 Indians, 133 Bangladeshis, 171 Egyptians and the rest of diverse nationalities.

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Currently, there are 206 patients receiving medical care at intensive care wards, Dr. Al-Sanad said, adding that 52 persons were discharged from quarantine in past 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the health authorities conducted 3,661 swab tests, in past 24 hours, raising whole count of such tests to 290,013, Dr. Al-Sanad said. (end)

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May 30, Kuwait reports 883 more virus recoveries, total at 10,156

KUWAIT, May 30 (KUNA) — The Kuwaiti Health Ministry Saturday confirmed the recovery of 883 additional novel coronavirus patients, bringing the total number of recoveries to 10,156 so far.
Lab analyses and medical tests showed that the patients were cured of the coronavirus, known as Covid-19, the ministry said in a press statement to KUNA.
The cured patients will be taken to recuperation wards before being discharged from hospital within a couple of days’ time, it noted. (end)

883 Recoveries Total:10,156

11 New Deaths Total: 205

1008 New Cases Total: 26,192

3661 New Tests Total: 290,013

Infected Cases by Nationality

Kuwaiti 287
Indian 229
Egyptian 171
Bangladeshi 133

Infected Cases by Health Area

Al Farwaniyah area 324
Al Ahmadi Area 215
Al Jahra Area 196
Hawally Region 163
Capital area 110

Infected Cases by area

Al Farwaniyah 92
Jaleeb Al-Shuyaukh 81
Abdalli 67
Hawally 62

May 30

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