Great news (MOH) Ministry of health kuwait Announced 33 more Patients recovered from Covid-19

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33 Covid-19 patients recover in Kuwait moh.

Kuwait Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced on Friday that 33 patients recovered from the Coronavirus COVID19 bringing the total number to 258

Covid-19 Patients Recover
Covid-19 Patients Recover

Awesome news 33 new Covid-19 patients recovers in kuwait

(MOH)Kuwait MOH Confirms 134 new cases of Coronavirus Covid19 and 2 new deaths, raising the total number of cases to 1658 and 5 deaths

2 New Death Cases :

= 1 Citizen (58yrs)
= 1 Iranian resident (69yrs)

3 Cases related to travel:

3 Cases of Citizens related to travel to the United Kingdom, Iran, K.S.A.

126 Cases in Contact:

4 Cases of Citizens.
63 Cases of Indian residents.
20 Cases of Egyptian residents.
14 Cases of Bangladeshi residents.
4 Cases of Nepali residents.
4 Cases of Pakistani residents.
3 Cases of Filipino residents.
3 Cases of Srilankan residents.
2 Cases of Stateless “Bedoon”.
1 Case from each country ( K.S.A U.S.A, United Kingdom, Jordan, Iranian, China, Afghanistan, Comoros, Cameron).

5 Other Cases:
  • 3 Cases of Citizens.
  • 1 Case of Bangladeshi resident.
  • 1 Case of Indian resident.

read about yesterday 16-april-2020

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