MOH Confirms 278 new cases & 4 new deaths

June 12, June 10 kuwait Confirms

43 Coronavirus patients recover in Kuwait.

Coronavirus patients

Kuwait Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced on Saturday that 43 patients recovered from the #Coronavirus #Covid19 bringing the total number to 656

MOH Confirms 278 new cases

MOH Confirms 278 new cases of Coronavirus Covid19 in the last 24 hours & 4 new deaths, raising the total number of cases to 2892

Corona virus covid-19 kuwait

4 New death cases:

  • 1 Case of a female Citizen. (74yrs)
  • 1 Case of Egyptian resident (45yrs)
  • 1 Case of Bangladeshi resident (64yrs)
  • 1 Case of Indian resident (59yrs)

13 Cases related to travel :

10 Cases of Citizens related to travel to the United Kingdom.
3 Cases of Citizens related to travel to France.

252 Cases in contact:

13 Cases of Citizens.
109 Cases of Indian residents.
51 Cases of Egyptian residents.
31 Cases of Bangladeshi residents.
11 Cases of Stateless “Bedoon”
9 Cases of Filipino residents.
6 Cases of Nepali residents.
6 Cases of Pakistani residents.
5 Case of Syrian residents.
3 Cases of Iranian residents.
2 Cases of Sri Lankan residents.
2 Case of Jordanian residents.
2 Cases of Lebanese residents.
1 Case of Iraqi resident.
1 Case of Russian resident.

13 Cases Under Investigation:

10 Cases of Citizens.
3 Case of Stateless “Bedoon” residents.

read about yesterday on 24-April-2020

Kuwait public works ministry builds 5,000-bed quarantine

Kuwait public works ministry builds 5,000-bed quarantine, the complex includes a field medical center, dormitories for medics and nurses, intensive care units and pharmacies.

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